You will find love

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If you try weekend after weekend to find your love and it never arrives perhaps it’s time to change your weekend habits. If love doesn’t come for you, the youy will have to go after love. So I write some tips for you:

Are you looking for boys?

Well, where are hiding all that nice boyz? Think about it: What does  a boy love the most?  Sports, beer and fat meals.  Well, then how about spending your afternoon watching a match? Yes, you can cheer your favorite team. This could be very funny. With lots of guys everywhere around you.

And how abour an outdoor food and music festival? Any event where there’s a band and vendors selling those gigantic Fred Flintstone turkey legs (or some other meat-on-a-stick) is a good bet. You’re laughing, but it’s true.

Are you looking for girls?

Big warehouse. Unfortunately it isn’t only a topic. Women love go on shopping so, where can you find them on early Friday evenings and Saturdays? Shopping, shopping and shopping. How about asking your target girl to help you pick out a new pair of shoes?